Pedestrian Hit by Car in Jacksonville Beach Florida – Transported via Helicopter to Shands Jacksonville

  • Sumo

A Jacksonville Florida pedestrian was sent to the hospital in critical condition after he was struck by a vehicle in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. According to Jacksonville Beach Police Sgt. Thomas Bingham, the pedestrian was struck around 8 p.m. on a Saturday evening at the 1300 block of Shetter Avenue. Bingham had no additional information on the pedestrian, the vehicle or the driver of the vehicle. The victim was taken by helicopter to Shands Jacksonville. For more details see Male pedestrian in critical condition after struck by car in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.
Jacksonville Beach, as well as surrounding areas including Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach, have a high amount of pedestrian and cyclist traffic. Drivers in these areas need to drive the speed limit and pay extra attention to the road while driving in these hectic areas. Pursuant to Florida law, pedestrian do have the right-of-way. Therefore, drivers involved in pedestrian-automobile-collisions are more likely to be found at fault than the pedestrian. Protect yourself as a driver and pedestrians by paying attention and not engaging in distracted driving.

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