Pedestrian Accident in Flagler County – Nephew of Dalai Lama Struck by SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) – Great Loss for Community and Family

  • Sumo

In Flagler County, Florida, an tragic accident was recently reported. The nephew of the Dalai Lama (Jigme Norbu) from Bloomington Indiana was struck and killed by a SUV while on a 300 mile walk – “Walk for Tibet”. It was reported that Jigme Norbu was walking on the side of Florida A1A when the pedestrian / automobile accident took place. The accident was reported and will be investigated in more detail by the Florida Highway Patrol. In Florida, when there is a fatality, a Florida Homicide Crash Report will be prepared and distributed by a law enforcement agency (Florida Highway Patrol).
In Florida, there are many risks to pedestrians in and near Florida roadways. Florida is a tourist State and attracts many visitors who walk and ride bicycles in and near Florida roadways. Florida drivers should be accustomed to the presence of pedestrians and bicyclists and adjust their driving to account for their presence on and near Florida roadways. You can read more about the sad death of the Jigme Norbu at Dalai Lama’s Nephew Hit, Killed by SUV During “Walk for Tibet” in Flagler County, Florida.

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