Mims, Florida Automobile Accident – Dump Truck Skids Across Interstate 95

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A deadly accident recently occurred on Interstate 95. A dump trump skidded across I-95 in Mims, Florida one early morning, killing a 58-year-old man from Pembroke Park and injuring two others.
Apparently, the dump truck was traveling northbound on I-95 when a tire blew out, causing the vehicle to cut across the median and into the southbound lane. Kim Montes, spokeswoman for the Florida Highway Patrol said that driver and passenger were able to exit the dump truck. However, minutes later a van carrying a trailer of motorcycles slammed into the flipped truck. There are no skid marks on the interstate, therefore officials are under the belief that the van ran directly into the the dump truck and it burst into flames. Officials believe there was one man inside.
The dump truck driver, identified as Eliseo Aguirre, a 34-year-old of New York and his unidentified passenger were taken to Bert Fish Medical Center in Volusia County, Florida. The driver of the 2000 Pontiac van, who was killed, was identified as Victor Pigeon.
The State of Florida Department of Transportation inspected the dump truck to ensure the operators were in compliance with all regulations. It is also unknown whether the driver of the van could see the reflective devices on the truck since the truck was flipped over. The Florida Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation of the accident. If you would like to read more on this story see Dump truck and van collide on I-95 in Mims, Florida, killing one man.
The loss of this man’s life is a tragedy for his family and his community. Hopefully, the other two victims make a full and quick recovery. Interstate travel can be very dangerous – drivers are driving at a faster speeds and with less stops. Therefore, it is important to not engage in distracted-driving by talking or texting on your cell phone, wear your safety belt and pay attention to road signs as well as other drivers on the road.

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