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Jacksonville, Florida Pastor Tragically Lost Due to a Pedestrian Accident

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Fatal pedesrian accidents in Jacksonville, Florida can sometimes have a community impact. Often we hear of accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles and the impact of that can ring out because at one point we have all crossed a roadway or slammed on brakes for a pedestrian crossing the road. The impact of losing a community figure-head or leader can be devastating, but can also remind us of the dangers on or near our roadways every day.
Recently, as reported by Jacksonville news and in the Florida Times Union, pastor Bryan Turner of University Baptist Church on July 10, 2010 was hit by a car as he ventured to inform a neighborhood of vacation bible school. The church van was stopped in a the residential neighborhood located near Spring Park Road with the intent to deliver news of vacation bible school. As Pastor Bryan Turner exited the church van,he walked to the front of van and entered the roadway to cross the street. As he did so, a vehicle pulled out from behind the van and did not see Bryan Turner as he stepped into the lane. According to witnesses, neither party saw the other.
Pastor Bryan Turner was treated at Shands Hospital for severe injuries including injuries to the brain. On Thursday, July 15, he lost his battle. Services, which will certainly be well attended for a man that dedicated his life to service of others.
The tragedy that surrounded Pastor Turner’s fatal injuries is one that serves as a reminder of the responsibility that drivers hold while operating their vehicle.
While driving, it is important to pay attention to other drivers, construction areas, bicycle riders, and, yes, pedestrians.
People do not usually have an intent to lose concentration on the road, but it does occur and that negligence can lead to injuries. A tragedy often reminds us that we need to remain focused and aware at all times, hopefully the loss of someone so dear to our community will help remind drivers that defensive driving is important at all times.
Educating yourself on what rights you have if you are involved in such an accident is perfectly understandable and it makes sense to speak with someone that can explain those rights to you. Florida Personal Injury Attorneys can serve to educate those impacted by such accidents to make certain rights are protected.

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