Jacksonville (Northside) Automobile Accident Results in Death of Passenger (Ulanda Peterson)

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According to statistics, automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of three and 34 in the United States.
In the Northside of Jacksonville, a woman was tragically killed in a car crash. According to the police, Ulanda Peterson was a passenger in a vehicle that was traveling northbound on Lem Turner Road. The police said that the driver of the vehicle lost control and struck a concrete utility pole near the intersection at Broward Road. The driver was propelled out of the vehicle and sustained serious injuries. The car caught on fire after the collision, and Peterson was trapped inside. She was sadly announced dead at the scene. Police are investigating. For more information, see 34-year-old woman killed in firey crash.
The best way to reduce the chances of you or a loved one being in a car accident is to practice safe driving. Whether you are just learning how to drive or have been driving for years, it is always a good idea to review safety tips. Here are a few reminders:
– Never drive under the influence of alcohol. Even at low blood-alcohol levels, intoxication can reduce reaction time, coordination and lowers inhibitions. At higher levels, intoxication can cause blurred or double vision and even worse, loss of consciousness.
– Do not speed. Research has proved that for every mile per hour you drive, the risk of a car accident increases by four to five percent.
– Avoid using cell phones while driving. This seemingly harmless activity caused 2,600 deaths nationwide per year, according to estimates.
– Get a good night’s sleep. 20 percent of all accidents have drowsiness as a contributing factor. Try to get a solid eight hours of sleep on a regular basis, not just the night before a long drive. Failure to get a good night’s sleep every night can build a sleep deficit that can leave you drowsy and unable to focus.
For more safety tips, view the top 10 safe driving tips.

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