Jacksonville Florida School Bus Accidents – Disruptive to Special Needs Students – School Bus Driver Charged with Careless Driving

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A private school bus belonging to The Broach School, a school that serves children with special education needs, lost control and flipped onto its side while transporting students to the school’s Jacksonville Beach location. The accident occurred on the off-ramp from 9A to Monument Road around 7:45 a.m. The school bus was transporting nine special needs students. The students were between the ages of 13 to 18-years-old. One student was taken to the hospital from the scene with non-life-threatening personal injuries. Another student sustained a broken hand and was transported to the hospital by her parents. The driver of the bus, Debra Earl, was also taken to the hospital for tests. Earl was ticketed for careless driving. This is Earl’s first accident in her 20 years she has been with the company. Officer C.E. Waldrup of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said the bus skidded down the off-ramp of 9A and Monument Road when it lost control, went off the pave and flipped onto its side. Waldrup stated he knows the wet roads were a factor in the accident but could not state whether any other factors existed. Tommie Broach, the school’s founder and executive director, said that extra attention will be paid to the students’ emotional well-being. Broach stated the students will be watched for signs of lingering distress. To read more on this story please see 9 students of The Broach School escaped serious personal injury after their bus flipped onto its side.
In wet conditions Florida drivers need to take extra precautions, especially during times of heavy traffic such as morning and afternoon commutes.

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