Is There a List of Doctors Who Treat Automobile Accident Injury Victims in Florida?

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Is there a list of doctors who treat automobile accident injury victims in Florida? When a person is injured in a Florida Automobile Accident case or, the injury victim will often need six follow-up care after a visit to a local emergency room. injury victims can obtain medical care and have it paid for or covered through Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Under Florida law, PIP insurance coverage is primary to that of health insurance. Because of this, it is advisable for a person to seek or obtain medical care and treatment through a doctor or medical provider who accepts PIP as a source of payment.
Most health insurance companies have an online list of medical providers that accept the health insurance coverage. Companies like Blue Cross / Blue Shield, CIGNA, United Health, and AETNA have databases of doctors that can be used by plan members to find and select a medical provider. Unlike health insurance, PIP medical providers are not contained in any list. While there are major insurance companies like State Farm, Allstate, GEICO, and Progressive that issue automobile insurance policies in the State of Florida, there is no such list maintained that contain medical providers who accept PIP as a source of payment. Some medical providers accept PIP as a payment source for an automobile accident injury and some medical providers do not. Following an automobile accident, it is important to get quality medical care from a treating physician / medical provider that accept PIP as a payment source. It is also important for the medical provider to know and otherwise understand the challenges and needs at the injury victim as to documentation and medical reports regarding the automobile accident related injuries.
A Florida Personal Injury Attorney is often knowledgeable about the medical providers in the community who accept PIP payments following up Florida automobile accident. It It is often helpful to retain the services of a Florida Personal Injury Attorney for legal representation. It can be quite challenging dealing with an insurance company and its line of adjusters without proper legal representation. A Florida Personal Injury Attorney can advise the client as to his or her rights to compensation, damages, Florida laws, and medical providers.
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