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I Was In A Florida Automobile Accident. What Should I Do At the Scene of the Accident? How Do I Handle the Insurance, Property Damage, Medical, and Legal Issues?

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Written by: Lenorae C. Atter, Attorney
A totaled car on a Florida interstate is, sadly, a common sight on our roadways. Typically, you merely see the aftermath of a Florida automobile accident. It is quite a different story and experience when you are the one who is the victim of a Florida automobile accident. After the crash, what do you do? Who do you call? How do you deal with the other driver? the police officer? fire rescue?
What are the right actions to take when facing your own car accident? In today’s world of cell phones, most likely your crash was reported when it occurred. Today’s driver is more likely to report an accident when it is witnessed. It is important for you to make certain that you are okay. Take a moment before exiting the vehicle to compose yourself so that you can fully understand what is going on around you. Once exiting the vehicle, if you have your cell phone, then definitely call 911 and let them know you were in an accident and where you are located. Also, if you have any concerns about you or the other driver or passenger being injured, let the 911 operator know so they can get the right responders to the accident scene.
If you can get to your insurance card and registration have that ready for the police when they arrive. They will need this to properly document the driver exchange information. If the car is not accessible do not attempt to get these items. It can be much more dangerous to reenter a crashed vehicle due to glass and parts being in places you may not expect.
Through Florida no-fault insurance, which you are required to have, you have up to $10,000 in medical bills coverage, depending on whether you have a deductible. Your car insurance will pay 80% of your medical bills regardless of fault.
Be prepared to wake up the next day feeling worse than you did before you went to sleep. Often injuries do not show up for a few days after an accident. This is due to a number of things including adrenaline, but do not hesitate to seek medical treatment. The sooner you can treat your injuries the better success you will have it getting better in the long term.
Insurance companies often times will contact you the day of the accident or the day after the accident. Before you discuss your automobile accident with any insurance company including your own, seek advice and consultation from a Florida personal injury lawyer. Insurance adjusters are highly trained individuals who typically have handled thousands of claims before handling your claim. As such, it makes sense for you to have information and advice from your own advocate – a Florida personal injury lawyer – to make sure that your rights are protected and enforced pursuant to Florida law.
To assist you with the processing and insurance payment of medical bills, wage loss and other economic damages, consult with an attorney before accepting any money from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. A Florida personal injury attorney can review and advise you of your elgal rights and explain the Florida claims process.

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