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How Do I Get Compensated for Lost Wages Resulting from a Florida Automobile Accident?

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When a person is involved in a Florida Automobile Accident, there is often a period of time in which the injury victim is unable to return to work. During this time, the injury victim may suffer economic damages in the form of lost wages. When a person misses work and is deprived of wages or income, the injury victim can seek various sources of payment for compensation associated with the lost wages. The sources of compensation may include one or more of the following:
PIP (Personal Injury Protection). Each owner of an automobile in the State of Florida is required to carry PIP coverage on the vehicle. The injury victim could qualify for compensation under his or her automobile insurance policy. There may be additional or alternative coverage under the PIP policy for the vehicle occupied or driven by the injury victim. Under most Florida PIP insurance policies, there is typically a limit of $10,000 that can be claimed for a combination of lost wages and medical bills. PIP will pay 60 % of the documented wage loss claim. Many injury victims forego a claim for lost wages under a PIP policy to allow for more coverage for medical bills. This is especially the case when the injury victim does not have medical or health insurance to cover the medical bills.
Vacation Time and Benefits. A person can be compensated for lost wages by using vacation time. While this may not be the preferable method of compensation for the injury victim, vacation time and benefits are often time accessed to help the injury victim and the family get through the financial stress and burdens of being out of work.
Disability Insurance. Many injury victims receive benefits through a Disability Insurance policy. Often times, there is a wait time to be able to quality for benefits and an application that will need to be completed. Disability insurance can be very helpful to the financially stressed injury victim. It should be pointed out that many disability insurance policies have provisions that establish a lien for payments made under the policy if the injury victim receives compensation from an automobile insurance policy.
Bodily Injury and Uninsured Motorist Benefits. Lost wages can also be paid through a Bodily Injury or Uninsured Motorist insurance policy. Unlike PIP, Vacation Time and Pay, and Disability Insurance, BI and UM coverage typically involves a one time payment. In other words, insurance adjusters will not pay for lost wages periodically or piece meal. Because of this, the compensation for lost wages is typically paid at the conclusion or the settlement of the case under the BI and / or UM provisions of an automobile insurance policy.
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