Hit and Run Accident Leads to Death of 68 Year Old – Samuel Hines

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Samuel Hines, 68, of Jacksonville, Florida was the victim of a pedestrian / automobile incident while he was walking home after getting of a local bus. Hines was actually hit by 3 vehicles while crossing Soutel Drive. Police are searching for the first vehicle that hit Soutel, the driver of which fled the the scene after hitting the victim. The first car to strike Hines was described as a dark newer model burgundy or maroon sports utility vehicle. The drivers of the other two automobiles were unable to stop in time and hit Hines while he was laying in the road. Hines was pronounced dead at the scene. Hines was described as a short man who walked with a cane. Friends say he walked almost everywhere and always had fears of being struck by an automobile because he did walk a slower pace. Hines’ death is a tragic loss for his family and community. Hopefully, witnesses will come forward and the police will be able to track down the driver of the hit and run vehicle. To read more on this story please see Elderly man killed in hit-and-run accident.
It is against Florida law to flee the scene after being involved in a collision. Hit-and-run drivers neglect to take responsibility for their actions and leave the victim and the victim’s family to deal with all the consequences, physically, emotionally and economically.

If you or a family member have been the victim of a hit and run Florida automobile accident or other incident causing personal injuries, you should contact a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer for advice on the different types of redress you have available.

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