Green Cove Springs Bicyclist Injured at Orange Park Junior High

  • Sumo

The bicyclist, Joshua Galetta, was airlifted to Shands for injuries suffered when a 2002 Lexus collided with Galetta’s bicycle. Joshua Galetta, a Green Cove Springs resident, turned off the sidewalk and into the Orange Park Junior High parking lot when he was hit by a car driven by school employee, Marilyn Duke.
Reports indicate that Galetta, upon entering the parking lot, turned into Duke’s vehicle. The investigation is ongoing and charges are currently pending.
While Florida bicycle laws do not require anyone over the age of 16 to wear a safety helmet, but the 33-year-old, Galetta, was wearing one. Florida law does require that bicyclists be given the right-of-way, like a pedestrian. However, it is also required that bicyclist provide proper signal and use caution when entering or crossing roadways.
Injuries arising when a bicycle accident can be serious. If you have suffered injuries from such an accident, It is important to speak with a Florida personal injury attorney to help you understand your Florida legal rights and options.

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