Good Samaritan (James Darnell Collier) Dies at Crash Scene in Volusia County Florida

  • Sumo

In Volusia County, a tragic accident was reported involving a Good Samaritan – James Darnell Collier. New 4 Jax Reported that Mr. Collier, a 37 year old truck driver from Jacksonville, Florida, was killed while helping out with a crash scene on Interstate 4 in Volusia County, Florida. He had previously parked his semi truck off the side of the road and then proceeded to help out at the accident scene. While Mr. Collier was wearing bright reflective gear, he was still hit by another vehicle. Since a death resulted from this accident, local law enforcement and / or the Florida Highway Patrol will complete a death investigation as to the cause of the incident, actions on the part of the driver, actions on the part of Mr. Collier, and any other conditions or fact that may have caused or contributed to the most unfortunate death of this family man from Jacksonville (Duval County) Florida. For more information regarding this pedestrian / automobile accident, see Good Samaritan Hit by a Vehicle While Helping Out at a Volusia County Crash Scene.

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