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Should I Seek Treatment from my Primary Care Doctor Following a Florida Automobile Accident?

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Injured In An Accident – Personal Injury Protection Coverage

When a person is involved in a Jacksonville automobile accident, there often times is a decision to be made regarding follow-up care and treatment. If a person has access to PIP (Personal Injury Protection Coverage) from his policy, a resident relative, or the vehicle owner, then the injury victim should seek medical treatment from providers who accept PIP as a payment source of accident related medical care. PIP works different than your standard health insurance policies. Following a Florida Automobile Accident, the following question is often posed to Florida personal injury attorney:

Common Questions

1. Should I seek follow-up care and treatment with my primary care physician?
The answer to this question is not so simple. The best way to answer this question is to state – “It depends.” There are several questions that should be answered regarding this issue including the following:
2. Does the primary care physician accept PIP is a payment source?
3. Does the primary care physician have experience treating automobile injury victims?
4. Does the primary care doctor have a basic knowledge of automobile insurance claims?
5. Does the primary care doctor work with personal injury attorneys?
6. Does the primary care physician typically refer out or defer treatment to other specialists regarding automobile injuries?
Typically, the primary care physician will either decline treatment automobile accident victim or just provide limited treatment. Under Florida PIP, rules, regulations and procedures, there is no legal or insurance requirement that the accident victims obtain follow-up care from his or her primary care physician. Furthermore, there is no requirement under PIP rules, regulations, and procedures that a referral be made by primary care physician to see a specialist like a neurologist, orthopedist, or pain management doctor. In other words, a Florida automobile accident victim can directly make an appointment with a specialist, who accepts PIP payments, without having to “jump over hurdles” by getting a referral from a primary care physician or another doctor.

Car Accident Attorneys in Jacksonville

The treatment and payment options regarding a Florida Automobile Accident can be quite confusing. Because of this, it is often times helpful to get legal advice and representation from a Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney. The Florida Personal Injury Law Firm of Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. have been representing injury victims from automobile, bicycle, pedestrian, and trucking accidents since 1957. For over 50 years, the attorneys that would Atter in Wolf have dedicated their time, efforts, resources, and years of experience to accident victims and their family. Contact us for a Free Consultation today.

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