Florida Traffic Laws – What Is the Legal Duty of Drivers and Pedestrians Approaching a Steady Yellow Traffic Signal Light?

  • Sumo

Pursuant to Title XXIII – Motor Vehicles, Chapter 316 – State Uniform Traffic Control, Section 316.075 – Traffic Control Signal Devices, a standing yellow lights serves as a warning to vehicular traffic that the green movement is terminated and a red indication will soon exhibited, in order to show that thereafter the vehicular traffic facing the traffic light shall not enter the intersection. As for pedestrians, a steady yellow signal shall indicate to them that there is insufficient time to cross the roadway before a red signal is shown and no pedestrian shall start to cross the roadway.
All Florida drivers and pedestrians shall comply with traffic signals. A yellow light serves as a warning to vehicular traffic and pedestrians that a red, or “stop,” signal is soon approaching. Drivers should not treat this warning as an excuse to speed up and fly through an intersection. Pedestrians shall do the same and not attempt to run across a crosswalk when a yellow signal is showing. Complying with traffic signals ensures safer Florida roadways for both drivers and pedestrians.

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