Florida Traffic Laws – What Is the Legal Duty of Drivers and Pedestrians Approaching a Green Circular Light and Green Arrow Light?

  • Sumo

Pursuant to Title XXIII – Motor Vehicles, Chapter 316 – State Uniform Traffic Control, Section 316.075 – Traffic Control Signal Devices, the standard green, red and yellow lights shall indicate and apply to both drivers and pedestrians.
Green Circular Light. Traffic facing a green circular light may proceed through the light or turn right of left with caution, unless a sign a such traffic signal prohibits either such turn. Vehicular traffic turning right or left shall always yield the right-of-way to other vehicles and pedestrians lawfully within the intersection or an adjacent crosswalk at any time a green circular signal is shown.
Green arrow light. Traffic facing a green arrow signal, whether shown alone or in combination with another traffic signal, may enter the intersection only to make the movement indicated by such green arrow with caution, or such other movement as is allowed by other indications shown. A driver of any vehicle may make a U-turn, unless such movement is prohibited by posted traffic control signs. Such vehicular traffic must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians lawfully within an adjacent crosswalk and to other traffic lawfully using the intersection.
Pedestrians, if facing any green signal, expect when the sole green signal is a turn arrow, may proceed across the roadway within any marked or unmarked crosswalk.

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