Florida Traffic Laws – What Is the Law Regarding Driving on Divided Highways?

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Pursuant to Title XXIII – Motor Vehicles, Chapter 316 – State Uniform Traffic Control, Section 316.090 – Driving on Divided Highways, whenever a Florida highway has been divided into two or more roadways, every vehicle shall be driven only upon the right-hand side of the roadway, unless directed or permitted to use another side of a roadway by official traffic control devices or police officers.
A Florida highway may be divided into two or more roadways by:
1. An intervening space;
2. A physical barrier; or
3. Any clearly indicated dividing section constructed so as to impede vehicular traffic.
Also, while driving on a divided Florida highway, no driver shall drive his or her vehicle over, across or within any dividing space, barrier or section. Exception: If driving through an opening in such physical barrier or dividing section or space, or at an established crossover or intersection, or unless specifically authorized by a public authority.
Violators of this Florida Statute will have committed a noncriminal traffic infraction, punishable as a moving violation.
In the State of Florida, yellow lane lines are indicative of divided highways. Specifically, yellow lane lines separate lanes of traffic traveling in opposite directions of one another. A single yellow line marks the left edge of the pavement on all divided highways and one-way streets.
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