Florida Law – Parent Who Signs for Learner Driver License Responsible for Negligence or Misconduct of Minor

  • Sumo

In the State of Florida, a teen driver (under the age of 18) must get a parental consent signed by a parent or guardian to obtain driving privileges or a driver’s license. Typically, the parental consent is signed when the teen child obtains his or her learner driver’s license at the age of 15. The parent consent is valid and in place until the child reaches the age of 18 or until the consent is revoked in writing by the parent. The main Florida Statue on point is located at Section 322.09 which provides the following:
322.09 Application of minors; responsibility for negligence or misconduct of minor.—
(1)(a) The application of any person under the age of 18 years for a driver’s license must be signed and verified before a person authorized to administer oaths by the father, mother, or guardian; by a secondary guardian if the primary guardian dies before the minor reaches 18 years of age; or, if there is no parent or guardian, by another responsible adult who is willing to assume the obligation imposed under this chapter upon a person signing the application of a minor. This section does not apply to a person under the age of 18 years who is emancipated by marriage.
See Section 322.09, Florida Statutes.
It is important for parents to monitor the driving habits of their teen drivers. It is not only a moral responsibility but a legal one as well. The negligence of the teen driver and resulting damages become a liability for the parent even if the teen driver is driving a car owned solely by the teen or by another person.

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