Florida Highway Patrol Reports Death of Orlando Woman After Driver Runs a Red Light

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Recently, an Orlando woman was killed and another injured in a severe automobile accident. The accident victim was struck by a motorist running a redlight at 3:00 a.m. Alcohol is reporetdly not involved, but the investigation is ongoing.

The accident victim had the right of way but the suspect ran the redlight and struck the driver’s side of the vehicle. The accident victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Whether this accident victim’s family or estate will have a legal claim against the suspect will depend on several factors. The passenger in the woman’s vehicle may also have a legal claim against the suspect. Forensic evidence and witness statements are typically obtained to investigate the possible legal and insurance claims.

In order to protect yourself from these types of situations, check all directions before driving through an intersection. Do not assume that because your light is green or you have the right of way, you are safe.
To learn more about this story, please visit FHP: Orlando woman killed after motorist runs red light.

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