Faulty Airbag Deployment Can Be Dangerous

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Airbags are designed to prevent severe personal injuries, so what should you do when a faulty airbag deployment is the cause of severe personal injuries. Also, situations may arise where personal injuries are the result of an airbag not deploying during a collision or accident.
When drivers suffer such issues they often try to go through car dealers or manufacturers for compensation and are unsuccessful because the seller or manufacturer does not want to admit fault or liability. While the company may not want to accept fault, typically the injuries that result from unexpected airbag deployment are considered a product liability issue and the manufacturer would have to address the injury claim.
Recently in Jacksonville, Florida, The Florida Times Union automobile section had a reader that wrote in for advice regarding defective airbag deployment of a Mercedes E350 where the driver airbag and passenger side airbag simply deployed without impact. The reader thankfully suffered no injuries, but was having a lot of difficulty getting the repairs completed. This is unfortunately a common issue even though the manufacturer is the best one to provide the service necessary to correct the problem.
The reason a faulty airbag deployment would occur would be from a defect, negligent construction of the airbag deployment device or poor construction of the airbag system. When there are multiple individuals claiming the same type of incident, often a recall of a vehicle or parts of the vehicle will occur.
A manufacturer can be held liable for injuries that result from a faulty airbag deployment or injuries suffered due to an airbag not deploying properly.

An Florida automobile accident victim who has suffered serious personal injuries would benefit from the advice and consultation of a Florida personal injury attorney.

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