Fatal Accident Claims Life of Woman (Lina Mourad) in My Neighborhood (Julington Creek Plantation)

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In St. Johns (Julington Creek Plantation) Florida, a tragic accident ended the life of a St. Johns County woman (Lina Mourad). It was reported by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office that Lina Mourad was struck by a trailer that became unhitched from a truck that was driven by Austin Baker. Julington Creek Plantation is a mostly residential area of Northwest St. Johns County. The main roadways in the area include Racetrack Road, State Road 13, Robert Road, and County Road 210. Lina Mourad was walking on a sidewalk in the area near the entrance to Julington Creek Plantation. It was reported that the truck was hauling a trailer with sod on it. See Update: Victim Id’d In Fatal Accident On SR 13 See also Woman Killed by Runaway Trailer in Julington Creek – St. Johns County Florida.
As a resident of Julington Creek, it is sad to see that an accident of this nature took place. Julington Creek should be a safe haven of sorts for the residents and visitors.
In residential areas like Julington Creek, it is vital that all trailers hauling plants, sods, and / or lawn equipment are properly secured to the truck. This includes safety chains and other safety measures to insure that trailers do not become unhitched completely and cause accidents of this nature. Since a death resulted from the accident, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol, and / or other agencies will complete a thorough investigation of the cause and preventability of this accident. Unfortunate, a seemingly safe area like Julington Creek can quickly turn into a danger zone for innocent pedestrians and bicyclists.
Trailer safety should start with an inspection of the trailer and trailer hitch prior to any trip with the trailer. Safety inspections and measures include but are not limited to the following:
Inspect the pin securing the ball mount to the hitch. Make sure that the pin in intact, properly inserted, and intact.
Inspect the hitch as it is attached to the trailer hitch on the vehicle.
Make sure that safety chains are properly attached and appropriate for the trailer, truck, and load being hauled.
Make sure that the amount of weight being towed is within compliance with manufacturer recommendations for the vehicle, trailer hitch, and trailer.
Check to make sure that the electrical lines are properly attached and that the turn signals and brake lights are functioning prior to departure.
It is important that a person hauling a trailer have proper education and training to hook up the trailer and then to inspect the trailer prior to departure. It would be the responsibility of the business owner to train its employees as to the proper attachment and inspection of trailers. It is also vital that the right equipment is being used for the vehicle and the trailer. By investing time and a minimal amount of money, a business and /or trailer owner can help improve the safety of trailers. This, in turn, will prevent most trailer related accidents from taking place.

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