What Evidence To Gather After A Car Accident

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Soon after a Florida automobile accident takes place, evidence can be gathered by the injury victim and others to help support the claim or case that may be pursued in the future.  Certainly, medical care and safety at the accident scene are top priorities and may take precedence over any potential opportunities to gather information.  If there is an opportunity to gather evidence and information, it can be very helpful to the successful pursuit of the car accident injury case or claim.

Photographs and Video

Most smart phones these days including iPhones, Droids, and similar phones have the capability to take photographs and video on the spot. If there is time to do so and it safe to do so, it is helpful to photographs of all vehicles involved in the crash from different angles.  It is also helpful to have photographs of any road debris, skid marks, and damage to any guard rails or other objects.  Photographs of the roadway from different angles and directions would also be helpful.  If there is a family member who arrives on the scene or another occupant who is not injured, these may be better people to get the photographs taken.

Roadway and Nearby Building Video Surveillance

It is helpful to take a look around the vicinity of the crash area to see if there are any video camera in place that may have recorded the crash or the aftermath of the crash. Some video surveillance cameras only provide live video and do not maintain a database or drive on file that can be accessed at a later point.

Police – Law Enforcement Driver’s Exchange and Crash Report

If the police or law enforcement is called to the scene off the crash, a Driver’s Exchange report should be generated by the investigating officer which should contain the name, address, make, model, and insurance associated with each driver / vehicle owner.  On the Crash Report, additional information is added including a diagram of the scene, summary of the accident and statements, witness information, and when applicable traffic citation information and details.

Witness Information

If there is a witness to the accident or crash and the witness confirms your version or observations as to how the crash took place, it is very helpful this witness to provide his or her contact information and observations to the police.  At times, witnesses leave the scene of the accident before the police arrive.  In addition, even with a witness remains at the scene, some officers do not list witness on the report or do not interview the witness. Without interfering with the police investigation, it can be helpful to have the contact information for the witness for future reference.

Statements of the Other Driver

If the other driver speaks to you at the accident scene, his or statements to you may be admissible in the personal injury case that is pursued in the future. Close attention should be paid as to what the other driver states at the scene of the accident as to how the accident took place and what he or she did to cause the crash.

Jacksonville Car Accident Attorneys

When you are involved in a Florida automobile accident with personal injuries, there are a number of challenges, issues, and questions that you will face.  Do not go it alone.  There are many twists, turns, and uncertainties involved with any given personal injury claim or case.  Get an experienced Jacksonville automobile accident attorney to help you prove and establish you case and your right to compensation for your personal injuries and related damages.

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