Elderly Couple (A.C. Jordan and Eunice Jordan) Die in Lee County Alabama Pedestrian / Automobile Accident

  • Sumo

In Lee County, Alabama, an elderly couple (A.C. Jordan and Eunice Jordan) tragically lost their lives in a horrible accident that took place on New Years Eve. It was reported that the Jordans were travelling in a Lexus sedan that either had stopped or slowed down for some reason. A driver in a Ford Taurus vehicle rear ended the Lexus. Thereafter, the Jordans got out of their vehicle to inspect the damage. Then, a Ford pick up truck crashed into the Jordans and the Lexus. It was a very sad and tragic end to New Years Eve for the Jordans. These deaths amount to a great loss for the family, neighborhood, and the community of Live Oak, Florida where the Jordans resided.
Automobile accidents take place at all times of the day and night. Some are avoidable and some are not. Since traffic is unpredictable, it is important for all drivers to maintain look out and drive with the utmost of caution.
When a death takes place, there can be rights and remedies to the surviving family members depending on the facts and circumstances of the accident and the laws in place that pertain to the automobile accident. For more information regarding this accident see Elderly couple killed instantly on Highway 280 in Smiths Station.

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