Driving Near Semi Tractor Trucks and Other Large Trucks in Florida – Safety Tips

  • Sumo

Driving on Florida highways is always dangerous. However, serious dangers are presented when you or someone you are with are driving close to a semi tractor or other large trucks. Following these tips will increase your safety as you encounter semi-tractor trailers on Florida highways:
1. Large trucks and semis behave differently from other cars – stay attentive.
2. Avoid a truck’s blind spots. If you cannot see their side-mirrors, they cannot see you!
3. Do not cut off semi tractors or other large trucks because they require a longer distance and take a longer time to stop.
4. When passing a large tractor or bus on a Florida highway use the proper procedure: accelerate slightly and maintain a consistent speed while passing. Wait until you can see the entire cab in your rear-view mirror until you signal to pull in front of the large truck or bus.
5. Before attempting to pass, observe the truck’s turning signals.
6. In wet conditions, give trucks at least six (6) seconds of space on Florida highways.
7. If you see unsafe driving, call authorities.
8. Never cut off a tractor truck on or off the highway to make your exist or next turn.
If you would like to read more tips and see the safety tips suggested for drivers of large trucks see Practice safety on Florida highways when nearing semi-tractors or other large trucks.

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