Driver Distraction Caused Fatal Automobile – Pedestrian Accident in Palm Coast – Death of Josefina T. Reid

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In Florida and other States, driver distraction can come in many forms including reading while driving, texting, eating, e mailing, mobile phone usage, conversations, and behavioral issues with passengers. Whatever the cause – distracted driving can and does cause serious automobile accidents in the State of Florida. When a pedestrian is an unfortunate victim of distracted driving, the consequences can result in serious personal injurie, and, in some cases, death. The Florida Highway Patrol reported that a fatal automobie accident / pedestrian accident took place on Sesame Boulevard near 7 Wonder Trails. Josefina T. Reid was reportedly hit and killed by a distracted driver – Antonio Castanheira – who stated that he was distracted by his back seat passengers. See Palm Coast Pedestrian Struck by Distracted Drirver.
In Florida, it is important for drivers to proceed with the utmost caution and do their best to avoid incidents of distracted driving. Many accidents and tragic personal injuries and Florida automobile accidents resulting in pedestrian personal injuries can be avoided with more attentive driving. See Florida Traffic Rules. Regulations, and Statutes – Frequently Asked Questions.

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