Orlando Police Officer Kristy Casiano and 15 year-old, Crystal Lugo, Injured by Driver Running Late to Movie

  • Sumo

Mark Fatovic, 22, of Orlando, crashed into a police car driven by Officer Kristy Casiano, sending her and a teenage passenger of Fatovic to the hospital. According the investigation, Fatovic was running late to a movie and was traveling at approximately 55 to 60 mph when he hit Casiano as she was turning East onto International Drive. The posted speed limit in that area is 30 mph according to the report.
Fatovic’s Honda hit the rear passenger door of Officer Casiano, forcing her into a business sign. Another Orlando officer, who estimated the speed traveled by Fatovic at the time, witnessed the wreck.
In Florida, going over 30 mph of the posted speed is not only punishable by a fine, but requires a mandatory hearing.
For their injuries, Officer Casiano and the Honda passenger, Crystal Lugo, will receive personal injury protection (PIP) to cover their medical bills. The PIP coverage is required on all vehicle registered in Florida and covers up to $10,000.00 in medical bills. Officer Casiano will receive said coverage through the insurance policy held by the State on the police cruiser and Lugo’s coverage will be through either her parents or the driver, Fatovic.
The legal cases would involve an evaluation and investigation of the accident itself, injuries, medical treatment, medical bills, wage loss, and available Bodily Injury and Uninsured Motorist insurance coverage.

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