Florida Highway Patrol Cracks Down This Thanksgiving

  • Sumo

In Florida this Thanksgiving, the Florida Highway Patrol has decided that the 1,600 troopers in Florida will be patrolling the roads to ensure safe driving over the holiday.
Over the last couple of years, the Florida Highway Patrol has increased its presence on the roadways and as a result they have seen a decrease in the number of fatal accidents that occur during this busy travel time. The same week in 2008, there were 52 fatalities and in 2009 there were 39 related to motor vehicle accidents. This year, they are hopeful the decline will continue. The Florida Highway Patrol is hoping the local police, such as the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, will also be patrolling their local roadways to ensure safety off the interstates too.
In Central Florida, the entire force of 212 troopers was assigned to work from Wednesday through Sunday of the holiday week. The goal is to cover every major highway and have local police patrolling their roads as well. The concerns are mainly for those speeding, following too closely, and weaving through traffic or simply recklessly. In high traffic areas, the careless driving of one can cause injuries to many, so they want to stop the aggressive driving and keep drivers focused on obeying the traffic laws. Another main concern is the use of safety devices such as seatbelts and child restraints.
The Florida Highway Patrol recognizes that heavy traffic can lead to an increase in accidents and related injuries. The goal is to somehow manage the risks by reminding people the troppers are out there to enforce the laws for the safety of the AAA expected drivers of 4 million this holiday week.

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