Dangers of Texting and Driving – First Coast Women Speak Out

  • Sumo

It is not news that texting while driving is not only dangerous, but deadly. Texting while driving is a nation-wide epidemic that is increasingly popular among children and teenagers. Stephanie Ando, a mother from Jacksonville, Florida and owner of Ando Insurance Services, has joined Allstate in its “X the TXT” program. “X the TXT” has teens pledge not to text and drive. Recently, Ando and her director of marketing, Karen Phillips took the program to Clay High School. Thumb rings embedded with the message “txtng klls” were given to students who made the pledge. Each pledging student also put their left thumb print on a banner. Ando’s goal is to spread the program throughout schools in Northeast Florida.
A fact sheet compiled by Allstate revealed some startling statistics about texting while driving:
– Car crashes are the number one killer of American teenagers (more than 4,000 teens die in car crashes annually).
– Just reaching for a cell phone while driving increases the likelihood of a car crash nine times.
– A person looking at a cell phone for a mere 5 seconds while driving at the rate of 55mph travels the equivalent of a football field.
For more on Ando and the “X the TXT” program read Jacksonville mom spreads word about dangers of texting while driving.

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