Dangers of Teen Driving – Importance of Seat Belts, Safe Speed, and Good Judgment

  • Sumo

Brandon Hodges, 17, was recently sentenced to one year of probation and 250 hours of community service for his involvement in a 2009 car accident that killed four of his friends and personally injured 4 more friends. Hodges was 15-years old when the accident occurred. The right rear tire blew on a a sports utility vehicle that belonged to a friend of Hodges. Hodges was driving the car, which was loaded with 8 other teenager, when the SUV flipped off Interstate 295. The students were on their way to the beach. Prosecutors zeroed in on the unsafe number of teenagers loaded in the car and the fact that nobody, except Hodges, was wearing a seat belt. John “Kris” Kiely, Kimber Krebs, Erin Hurst, all 15, and Dennis Stout, 17, were all killed in the collision. Four others, Rebekah Pilkinton, Timothy Adam, Jimmy Gracia and Shannon Broome all sustained personal injuries. To read more on this story please see Teen sentenced for fatal 2009 collision on I-295.
Young drivers need to be aware to the dangers and responsibilities that go into driving an automobile. Young drivers should never have too many passengers in the vehicle, it is not only unsafe for the passengers but too many passengers can also be very distracting for a driver, teen or adult. Also, always wear you seat belt. Seat belts do save lives.

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