Dangers of High Energy Drinks, Alcohol and Driving in Florida

  • Sumo

After a crash killed a father and his 3 sons, the car of the driver that killed this family was inspected. Inside Demetrius Jordan’s, the driver, Chevrolet Impala was a crumbled can of an alcoholic and caffeine beverage called Four Loko.
The alcoholic beverage sells, on average, for about $2.50 per 23.5-ounce can and has outraged attorney generals. For example, Bruce Goldberger, a professor and director of toxicology at the University of Florida, said that drink is a perfect storm – with its combination of alcohol and caffeine.
Four Loko was introduced on the market in 2006. This high energy drink plus alcoholic beverage contains about 12% alcohol – most beers contain 4-5% alcohol – and are loaded with guarana, taurine and caffeine – to give the drink that “extra jolt”. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that caffeine-based alcoholic beverages can be harmful, especially because of the high alcohol content. Most people may think the two, caffeine and alcohol, balance each other out. However, a study co-authored by UF professor Goldberger, revealed that drinkers of these high-energy alcoholic drinks became impaired more quickly as opposed if they were just drinking caffeine and they wre more likely to engage in riskier behavior. If you would like to read more on this story see Dangers of High Energy Alcoholic drinks in Florida.

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