Dangers of Commercial Trucks and Overturned Vehicles on Florida Highways and Roads

  • Sumo

A crash on Interstate 95 occurring between Northwest 79th and 119th Streets in Northwest Miami-Dade, Florida, caused multiple collisions on the highway. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a box truck overturned and drivers attempting to avoid the flying the debris from the truck were involved in multiple collisions. Although a few people suffered some personal injuries none were serious. For more read Flying debris from overturned truck causes multiple car crashes on I-95.
No matter how safe you may drive some automobile accidents are unforeseeable and highly unpreventable. Crashes involving commercials trucks can be much more severe in nature due to the increased size and weight of the trucks. This size and weight disparity are likely to be a contributing cause to the severity of the injuries or the death of drivers / passengers involved in a crash with a commercial truck. Also, commercial trucks typically transports items from one destination to another. These items add to the weight of the truck as well as add another risk-factor to being involved in a crash with these types of trucks.

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