Chain Reaction Automobile Accidents Leads to Death of Clermont Man (Kantilal Patel)

  • Sumo

In Clermont, Florida and other cities, multi vehicle accidents can lead to serious personal injuries and in some automobile accidents – the death of a driver or passenger. One such accident was recently reported by the Florida Highway Patrol and the Orlando Sentinel. Kantilal Patel, a resident of Clermont, Florida, died as a result of this automobile accident. The accident started when a pick up truck driver crashed into vehicles stopped at a traffic light. See 78 Year Old Clermont Man Killed in a Chain Reaction Automobile Accident.
Many Florida automobile accidents can be avoided if drivers pay attention to traffic and road conditions. It is also important for drivers to obey or follow Florida traffic statutes and regulations. See Florida Traffic Rules and Regulations – Frequently Asked Questions.

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