Can I Pursue an Injury Claim or Case for a Florida Accident If I Live in Another State?

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Florida is a destination interest location for millions of visitors every year. Most trips to Florida’s beaches, malls, attractions, theme parks, resorts, and homes are enjoyable. Unfortunately, many visitors to the State of Florida are injured in automobile accidents on the roads and highways. Can an injury case or claim be pursued by a person is injured in the State of Florida who resides in another state? The simple answer to this question is “Yes”. There is no requirement in the State of Florida that a person be a Florida resident to pursue a personal injury case or claim. If a person is injured in Florida but lives out of State, the injury victim can obtain medical care and evaluation in another State. If a lawsuit ultimately needs to be filed on behalf of the injured person, the lawsuit will need to be filed in the State of Florida where the accident took place. For example, let’s say a person is in an automobile accident in Jacksonville Florida. This person resides in the State of Alaska. Following the accident, the person returned to Alaska and obtained medical treatment and care.
If the claims adjuster is unwilling to pay a fair value for the injury sustained any accident and a lawsuit is needed in order to pursue a fair value or compensation for the personal injuries. While it would be more convenient for the injury victim to have case filed in Alaska, the case must be filed in the State of Florida. When a person is injured in an automobile accident, it is often helpful to have the legal representation from a Florida Personal Injury Attorney in order to obtain counsel and advice regarding medical bills, medical treatment, insurance claims, compensation, damages, and other matters related to the Florida laws on point.
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