Can a Parent be Sued or Held Liable for the Negligence of a Teen Driver?

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In the State of Florida, a parent can be held liable or can be sued for the negligence of a teen driver.  In order to obtain a learner’s driver license at age of 15 in Florida, a teen must obtain permission and written consent of a parent or guardian.  Thereafter, from the age of 15 through the age of 18, a parent or guardian who provided the written consent will be held liable under Florida law for the carelessness or negligence of the teen driver if the teen driver is in an automobile accident.  Some people believe that parental liability is associated only with vehicle ownership or some kind of negligence on behalf of the parent. While there is liability that attaches with vehicle ownership and other forms a negligence, a parent can be held liable by just signing off on the parental consent form in the State of Florida.

When there is an automobile accident involving personal injuries, one key to recovery for the injury victim is the availability of automobile insurance.  Florida law only requires a vehicle owner to have very basic coverage in place in the form of property damage insurance and PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance.  If there is an automobile accident with each driver in the crash only having the state mandated minimum coverage, then there will be a significant practical challenge from a financial standpoint to the recovery of compensation for the injury victim with respect to the available automobile insurance.

Following a Florida automobile crash, there are a number of challenges and issues faced by the personal injury victim.  It is at this time and beyond that the injury victim protect himself or herself by having an experienced and hard working Jacksonville personal injury attorney in place to handle these very challenges.  Call the Wood, Atter & Wolf Law Firm right now for a Free Consultation.  With Wood, Atter & Wolf, you will have attorneys On Your Side – At Your Side.

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