Buckman Bridge Death Leads to 30-Year Prison Sentence in Jacksonville, Florida

  • Sumo

Earlier this year, the Jacksonville area was hit with the news that a suspected impaired driver ran a wife and mother, Luma Kajy, off the Buckman Bridge. The reports indicated that the alleged impaired driver, Sasha Pringle, was swerving in traffic before Kajy’s vehicle went over the bridge.
The investigation led to a toxicology finding that Pringle had marijuana, painkillers and anti-anxiety medication, which helped lead to Pringle’s conviction of DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident. As a result of her actions, Pringle was sentenced to a 30-year prison sentence.
The family of the victim, while relieved by the outcome, still suffers the loss of a wife and mother. In Florida, the family typically has two (2) years to file a civil action for wrongful death, however, a new law extends the time for filing indefinitely if the wrongful death was due to an intentional act, including homicide. Wrongful death suits allow families to seek damages for the loss of a parent / spouse and for the loss of companionship and support she provided her husband and children.

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