Florida Automobile Accident Insurance – How Do PIP Benefits Work? What Is Covered?

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Car insurance in Florida is mandated by Florida law (Florida Statute 627.736), which requires that all owners of a registered vehicle carry $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP Benefits). If you are in a Florida automobile accident, these benefits are designed to provide you medical coverage up to $10,000. Florida law mandates that each owner of a motor vehicle purchase an automobile insurance policy with PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance coverage. By following the law, every owner of a vehicle shall have his or her medical care covered under PIP regardless of fault for the Florida automobile accident.
Most Florida PIP policies have a limit of $10,000. However, PIP does not pay 100%, instead your medical bills are covered at 80% by PIP and you are responsible for 20% of the billed amount.
What if you miss work as a result of an auto accident? PIP can be utilized to pay for wage loss but you must be careful since the total amount of PIP available for medical bills and wage loss again is typically $10,000 in total. Accordingly, the more you recover for wage loss, the less you have available for your medical bills Once the $10,000 is exhausted, there is no more PIP benefits. Again, wage loss and medical are not each covered at $10,000, the entire money pot is the $10,000.
What if you find out you do not have PIP coverage under your own policy? The only way you can get coverage through another source, is by meeting the following criteria:
1. You did not own an operable vehicle at the time of the accident. If you own a car, but it’s on blocks in your driveway with the engine out, then you are not required to maintain PIP coverage, AND
2. No one in your household has PIP coverage. If you live with someone that has PIP coverage, then you can fall under their insurance.
If you fit these two criteria, then you can apply for PIP benefits with one of the following:
1. The owner of the vehicle in which you were in (i.e. If you were a passenger or if you are driving someone else’s vehicle).
2. The other vehicle owner or driver. If you do not meet any of the above, then you can attempt to get PIP coverage through the other party’s insurance.
Contacting a Jacksonville Florida personal injury attorney about these issues is much easier than trying to understand them on your own. Know your rights and options from the beginning.

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