Automobile Accident – Children Rescued from Vehicle by Jaws of Life

  • Sumo

Three children miraculously escaped life-threatening injuries after being trapped inside a vehicle. The collision occurred in Oakland Park, Florida, it took 18 firefighters and two “jaws of life” rescue machines to get the children out. The incident occurred after a car carrying five people were struck by a wayward driver. The children, who were all sitting in the back seat, were pinned by the back panel and passenger seat. The third child, sitting in the middle of the back seat, was also unable to get out. One of the jaws of life was used to pull the metal apart, the second was used to cut off the side doors and roof of the vehicle, ultimately freeing the children inside. None of the five people in the vehicle sustained life-threatening injuries, however, all were transported to the hospital. For more read Jaws of life used to rescue children trapped inside vehicle in Oakland Park, Florida.

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