16 Year Old Driver Without Florida Driver’s License Runs Red Light and Causes Fatal Accident – Death of Christopher Thompson – Age 22

  • Sumo

In Jacksonville, Florida, a family and community are mourning the recent death of Christopher Thompson who died as a result of a Florida automobile accident on Beach Boulevard. News 4 Jax reported that 22 year old – Christopher Thompson – died when a driver crashed into Thompson’s vehicle as the driver was fleeing the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO). The combination of the speed and the running of a traffic signal (red light) caused the untimely and tragic death of Christopher Thompson. Since a death resulted from this accident, a full Florida Traffici Homicide Investigation will be conducted by the Florida Highway Patrol and / or local law enforcement. Regardless of the results of this investigation, a life was sensibly lost due to the carelessness and recklessness of another person. See Florida Teen Charged with Homicide After Deadly Jacksonville Crash.
It is important that drivers obey Florida traffic rules, regulations, and statutes. See Florida Traffic Statutes and Regulations – Frequently Asked Questions.

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