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What are the Legal Duties and Responsibilities of a Florida Hotel, Resort, or Theme Park When There is a Personal Injury?

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In the State of Florida, there are millions of hotel, resort and theme park visits every year. Florida is well known as a tourism or destination State. The hotel, resort, and theme park industry are big business in the State of Florida. It should be pointed out that a hotel, resort, or theme park under Florida law is not an absolute guarantor or insurer of a visitor’s safety. In other words, the Florida hotel, resort, or theme park is not liable for responsible for every single injury or incident that takes place on the property; however, a business (including a hotel, resort, or theme park) is liable for personal injuries that result from negligence, carelessness, and / or the failure of the business to act in a timely and reasonable manner for the safety of visitors and guests.
In Florida , hotels and property owners have a general duty to maintain the property and facility including the common areas, hallways, rooms, convention areas, swimming pools activity centers, gyms, and other areas in a reasonably safe safe condition. If the Florida business and its staff knew or should have known about a dangerous condition, then the property owner had a duty to take one of the following actions:
Repair and / or Clean Up the Dangerous Condition. If the property owner was informed or otherwise knew about a dangerous condition, the property owner should take timely action to repair, fix, or remedy the problem For instance, if a hotel is informed of a large puddle in the lobby area, the hotel should take timely action to clean up the puddle. Another example would be if there were broken steps in the pool area. The hotel should take action to repair the steps in a timely fashion.
Post Warning Signs and Cones or Otherwise Contain the Area. If the area cannot be cleaned or repaired immediately, then warning signs and cones should be placed in the area to warn guests and visitors of the dangerous area. It may also be helpful to rope off or otherwise contain the area to keep visitors and guests away from the area. Cones and a warning sign can go a long way to preventing personal injuries from taking place at a Florida hotel, resort, and theme park.
Unfortunately, people are injured at hotels, resorts, and theme parks in Florida. The property owner and / or operator are paid money for a service and welcome visitors through their doors and gates. Because of this as well as the provisions under Florida law, the property owner and operator have a duty to these visitors and guests to provide a reasonably safe environment for these people. When a person suffers a personal injury, it is often helpful to contact the Florida Personal Injury Attorney for advice, consultation, and legal representation. These cases are often referred to as premises liability cases and / or negligence cases.
The Florida Law Firm of Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. offers free consultations to visitors and guests who have been injured at a Florida hotel, theme park, or resort. If the Florida injury case or claim is accepted for legal representation, the case is handled on a contingency basis meaning that there will be No Attorney Fees unless there is a financial recovery for the client. Since 1957 attorneys at Wood, Atter & Wolf have dedicated their time and efforts to protect and enforce the legal rights of injury victims.

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