What are the Dangers and Risks of Bounce Houses?

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Bounce House Personal Injuries

Bounce House Injuries

What are the dangers and risks of bounce houses?  At many birthday parties, summer camps, day care centers, schools, theme parks, carnivals, and special events, there are bounce houses in place for children to play. There are many risks and dangers to children in or around bounce houses. Some parents are very cautious and do not allow their children to play in bounce houses at all. Other parents take a more moderate approach and allow their children to play in and around bounce houses assuming that there is supervision and control of the bounce house area during play.  Other parents are not so mindful and merely tell the children to go plan the bounce without any care or concern as to the level of supervision or the number of the number of children in the bounce house.

While is it is unrealistic to believe that all bounce house injuries can be avoided, a good many of the reported bounce house injuries can be avoided with timely and consistent supervision, the separation of the older children from the younger children,  and making sure that the bounce house is used as intended by the manufacturer. Children greatly enjoyed playing in and around bounce houses. While is nothing wrong with spirited play by itself, often times children fail to recognize the danger of their actions when playing in and around about bounce houses.

Schools, daycare centers, and summer camps have a duty to provide consistent and timely supervision of children. If a school, day care center, or summer camp chooses to have bounce houses on premises or in the alternative brings children to areas where bounce houses are present, the child care providers, teachers, and staff have a duty to provide the necessary supervision to take reasonable efforts to ensure the safety of the children in and around bounce house. The book titled – The ABCs of Child Injury – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Every Parent Should Know – has chapters on Homeowner’s Insurance, School Injuries, Day Care Center Injuries, Theme Park Injuries, and other topics.

Various injuries take place as a result of rough play or dangerous play in and around bounce houses including:





and other injuries.

When a child suffers a personal injury, it is often helpful to have a Child Injury Lawyer review the facts and circumstances of the case to determine the appropriate course of action. A Child Injury Lawyer can help review issues related to liability / fault, medical bills / medical treatment, insurance, and other issues.

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