Skydiving Death of Doctor (T. Elaine McLaughlin) Reported in Zephyrhills Florida

  • Sumo

In Zephyrhills, Florida, a tragic incident was recently reported. Dr. T. Elaine McLaughlin died in a skydiving accident on the first day of this year – New Year’s Day. While the cause of death seemed rather apparent, there was an autopsy performed which confirmed that Dr. McLaughlin died as a result of the trauma by the impact of the skydiving incident. For more information regarding this story – See Skydiving Death of Doctor Reported in Florida.
A death or serious injury resulting from skydiving do happen from time to time. Some incidents are unforeseeable and happen due to factors beyond the control of the victim or others. While other skydiving incidents and tragedies could have been prevented with better safety precautions and planning. The death of Dr. McLaughlin was unexpected and quite a tragic loss for the family, friends, and the community.

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