Helicopter Crashes En Route to Shands – Gainesville – University of Florida

  • Sumo

In Clay County, Florida, a tragic helicopter crash was reported. The helicopter had departed the Mayo Clinic and was head to Shands Gainesville – Univesity of Florida. The Florida Times Union reported that Luis Bonilla (cardiac surgeon), David Hines (procurement techician), and a helicoperter pilot were onboard the helicopter that crashed into a thick pine forest in Clay County, Florida. The helicopter was heading to Gainesville to pick up a heart at Shands University of Florida. The helicopter was owned by SK Jets in St. Augustine, Florida. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Transporation Safety Board investigators, and local / State authorities will investigate the cause and preventability of this helicopter crash. Due to the helicopter crash, the window of time in order to use the heart and get it to the donee had lapsed.
It is tragic that the passengers and pilot on the helicopter died in such a manner. The very same people who devoted their lives to saving others with transplants and medical care lost their lives on a mission to transport a heart to a medical needy patient.
The investigation will review the prior inspection checks, wreckage, passenger and cargo load, weather, and other factors that may have caused or contributed to the helicopter crash. See Three Dead in Helicopter Crash After Leaving Mayo Clinic – Jacksonville, Florida.

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